Seventh year of unique street performer Festival brings the city’s streets to life once again on 19 to 23 June 2017. The streets will be taken over by musicians, theaters, mimes, dancers, circus performers, jugglers, poets and others artists – local as well as from abroad. Buskers Fest is first-of-a-kind in the Czech Republic, inspired by similar fests in the Swiss city of Bern, Italian Ferrara or Canadian Toronto. These are - besides making their cities renowned cultural centers - attracting tens of thousands of visitors. The concept of our Buskers Fest is rare in the Czech Republic, it has inspired fests in other cities, e.g. Pilsen, Prague and Hradec Kralove, which are slowly gaining reputation among visitors and artists. 


For a whole week in June, the streets of České Budějovice will be overtaken by artists from the Czech Republic and abroad, performing their pieces on ten stages throughout the city. The visitors can be looking forward to seeing musicians, street theaters for kids and adults, jugglers, mimes, poets, circus performers, live statues, various workshops, exhibitions and 3D sidewalk painting – all in the open air. 




“Busking” is a word used to describe the musical or artistic activity taking place in the streets. The person performing being called a busker. It’s mostly acoustic musical performances, though any amusing activity can be performed, such as acrobatics, dance, fire or sword eating, juggling, magic, marionette theatre, pantomime, recitation, live statues… 




On more than ten scenes, from Monday through Friday, various musical and theatrical performances will be held, performances, poetry readings, art workshops and workshops for parents and kids. On Friday, the highlight of the program is the main open air stage located on Sokolský island, where renowned Czech and foreign bands will play their concerts while the visitors can enjoy delicacies from vegetarian restaurant, outside tearoom, picnic, an abundance of workshops, whole-day entertainment for parents with kids, performances, dance shows, open air painting exhibition and more. The entry to all events is free. 




Our Idea is to bring busking to the streets of České Budějovice by spreading artists, on nearly every corner of the historical town, thus enriching the lives of almost every citizen of the town. The Artists will be making the commutes to and from work, school, more bearable for the citizens, give a reason to stop, listen and think, watch previously overlooked details of the city, be uplifted in a way only art can do. The good mood is very contagious and spreads rapidly from the downtown to the whole city. 


This Festival is unique not only in České Budějovice, but in the whole Czech Republic. Part of our intent is for artists to have a meeting point where they can meet every year to share their experience and news. 


Our goal is to bring artists who perform in different parts of western Europe, where busking has a long tradition and contributes to the liveliness and atmosphere of the given cities (Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Berlin) and promotes the touristic potential of the whole region. And we want České Budějovice to be this kind of city and also to be an inspiration to other Czech cities and towns in forming their approach to busking and art in the street.


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